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How to reach Island Rab Croatia

How to reach Island Rab Croatia

The best, the most comfortable and the most frequently used way of coming to the Rab island in case that you are coming in your own car or by bus is a ferry-boat line Jablanac-Mišnjak. Jablanac is a small town on the mainland, the nearest to the island of Rab, 105 km away from Rijeka, and only 6 km away from the Adriatic tourist road.

The turn from the Adriatic tourist road to Jablanac is visibly marked, and there is a place called Zivi Bunari 2.5 km nearer. Misnjak is a region in the Southeast of Rab. There are roads from Jablanac to Senj, Rijeka and further towards Western and Central Europe.

From Eastern Europe and the continental part of Croatia, it is best to use the direction of Zagreb-Karlovac-Rijeka-Senj or Zagreb-Karlovac- Josipdol-Brinje-Vratnik-Senj. The car-ferries go every day 10 to 20 times in both directions, and more if there is a need. In summer rides are more frequent, start at 5:30, and finish at 23:30, or later in case of traffic jams. The ride on this line is about 15 minutes long.

After coming to Mišnjak (ferry port of island Rab), drive in Town Rab direction. After driving for 5-6 km and passing villages Banjol and Barbat, you’ll get to a turn for Lopar, and you need to take that direction. After 5 km and passing Mundanije village you’ll finally come to Supetarska Draga bay.

How to reach Island Rab, Croatia

How to reach Island Rab, Croatia

Still following Lopar direction on the main road, you’ll finally come to Gornja Supetarska Draga, and ACI yacht club. After turn for a yacht club, 30 m still following the main road, on the right, you’ll see house number 444, your final destination. Parking slot over the road is ours.